Adobe has just released the latest version of Magento: 2.4.3. This release has hundreds of fixes to the core code and 33 security fixes from 2.4.2 well as many new features. Although Magento isn’t fully compatible with PHP 8.0 yet, this release does upgrade the composer dependencies and 3rd party libraries so that they are compatible with the latest PHP version.

Aside from the security enhancements, Magento 2.4.3 has these improvements and and new features:

  • ReCAPTCHA coverage has been vastly extended throughout Magento, thus protecting more pages and endpoints from spam attacks.
  • Framework has been improved and enhanced for the following areas:
    • Customer Support
    • Catalog
    • CMS
    • OMS
    • Import/Export
    • Promotions and Targeting
    • Cart and Checkout
    • B2B
    • Staging and Preview
  • PayPal Pay Later is now supported
  • Compatible with Redis 6.0.12
  • KnockoutJS Library has been upgraded to v3.5.1
  • Core Composer and Laminas library dependencies have been upgraded to be PHP 8.x compatible.
  • Performance Enhancements – Product Price and Catalog Rule indexers have been improved to decrease indexation time.

Many more enhancements and updates have been made. To read them all, see Adobe’s website.

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