WordPress Maintenance Plans

Optimize. Promote. Maintain.

Making sure WordPress is updated is essential in keeping your website safe, secure and running optimally. Updating the WordPress core files, theme files and plugins are all part of our monthly WordPress maintenance plans. Daily backup of your website is performed to make sure your site can be restored.

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WordPress Maintenance

WordPress Website Maintenance Plans for your company

Your WordPress site needs constant attention in order to keep it secure and running optimally. Not maintaining your site affects your site speed, which affects your SEO ranking. WordPress needs to be backed up and updated on a daily, weekly and/or monthly basis (depending on the content of your site).

WordPress maintenance includes:

  • Website Backup: Remote backup as well as local backup of all your website and database files assures your site will be restored in case of server failure or a mistake that overwrites your files.
  • Updating theme files: Updating your theme files assures that your site stays compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Your updated theme files can also contain security updates, bug fixes and upgraded features.
  • Plugins updated: Plugins are constantly updated from the developer, so it is vital that these files are updated in WordPress. Bug fixes, security updates and staying compatible with the latest version of WordPress are reasons why it’s very important to keeep your WordPress plugins updated.
  • Updating WordPress Core Files: WordPress is constantly being updated to fix bugs and close security holes. Your WordPress site should stay updated to make sure it is running optimally and securely.
  • Clearing the Cache: Over time, your cache can become bloated and can affect site performance in a negative way. Periodically clearing the cache presses the reset button on your site performance.
  • Database Optimization: As your WordPress site gets more and more traffic, your database can collect unnecessary information and optimizing the database clears this excess data. Periodically doing this helps your site load faster and keeps the size of your site down.

These are just a sample of essential WordPress tasks that are needed in order to keep your site running optimally. There is also the fact that updating your site in these areas has to be researched before updates are peformed. For example, before you update the WordPress core files, you need to make sure the plugins and theme files are compatible with the new version of WordPress.  So, we make sure everything is compatible before we perform updates.

Why WordPress Maintenance is Crucial to Your Website’s Success

We covered why WordPress site maintenance is important to keep your site performing optimally. Site speed affects your SEO ranking.

Search engines give favor to sites that load quickly and are easy to use. If there are errors and your site is slow, search engines know this as well as your potential users, thus hurting your usability.

You have approximately 8 seconds to grab a users’ attention and a slow site will turn away customers.

Maintaining a WordPress website on your own can be a tedious task, not to mention disasterous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

WordPress Backup

Daily backup of all WordPress core files, theme files, plugin files and media files. These files are backed up remotely in case of a catastrophic server failure.

WordPress Updates

We backup your site, then check to make sure your theme and plugins are compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Then, we perform an update of WordPress core files. We do this on a weekly, monthly basis, keeping your WordPress site secure and performing optimally.

Update Plugins

Not updating plugins leaves your WordPress site vulnerable to hacks and attacks. It can also lead to errors and site crashes when WordPress core files are updated. We check for compatibility before we perform updates.

Theme Files Updated

Keeping your WordPress theme files updated ensures your site speed is optimized as well as it stays secure. We check for new versions of your theme on a weekly and monthly basis. Before an update is performed, we backup your site and we check for compatibility with WordPress core files as well as plugins.

FAQs about Webbs WordPress Maintenance Plans

Q: What is the difference between WordPress Hosting/Maintenance and WordPress Hosting with Support?

Both plans include everything listed above, but the ‘with support’ plan includes two hours of updates, additions to your website per month. If the hours go unused, they can be banked and carried over to the next month.

Q: What happens if I don’t use my full two hours for the month?

If the hours go unused, they can be banked and carried over to the next month. You can accumulate them to save up for a bigger project if you like.

Q: Does this plan require a contract?

Yes, both WordPress packages require either a 6 month or 12 month contract.

Q: What are my billing options?

You can pay monthly, quarterly, every six months or annually. Annual billing offers a 15% discount if you pay for a year in advance.

Q: What if I need over 2 hours of help in one month?

Sure, we can accommodate of course. Additional time is billed at $95/hour. We bill for actual time spent, we don’t round to the nearest hour. Meaning, if it takes us 20 minutes to do something, we charge 20 minutes, not an hour.

Q: How do I contact you for help?

You will be assigned our lead designer’s email address and personal cell phone number. You can contact him there. Or, you may call our office line. We want to be available to you at all times.

Q: Are there limitations to how many times I contact you per month?

No! We want to be your personal webmaster, every day, all day.  Some companies limit the amount of times you contact them.  Not us.  We are here for you, anytime, no limit on how often you talk to us.

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