Making sure WordPress themes and plugins are up to date should be your company’s number one priority. Not updating these components makes your site vulnerable to hackers and attacks. No vulnerabilities have been detected (yet) in WordPress core files 5.8, however, below is a full list of vulnerabilities found in plugins and themes.

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There are many things that need to be considered before updating your site:

  • WordPress version compatibility – Is your theme and the plugins compatible with your version of WordPress? Or, are they compatible with the new version of WordPress you want to update to?
  • Theme Compatibility – Is the theme you’re updating to compatible with the version of WordPress you’re using or updating to?
  • Plugin Compatibility – Are the plugins you’re updating compatible with the theme, WordPress and PHP you’re using or updating to?
  • PHP Version Compatibility – Making sure you’re not using an old, outdated version of PHP is critical. It’s essential that you keep PHP updated, but yet the theme, core WordPress files and plugins need to be compatible. IE: You don’t want to run PHP 8.0 on your server without making sure your theme is PHP 8.0 friendly.

It’s a cycle when it comes to updating WordPress. PHP, themes, plugins and WordPress core files all need to be running the latest version. However, you can’t just update without checking compatibility. You also don’t want to update without performing a full backup of your files and database.

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View the latest WordPress plugin and theme vulnerabilities. If your theme or plugins are on this list, let us know.